Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Location: Kmart Shopping Center
855 South Bluff Street,
Saint George, Utah 84770

What are your store hours?


Mon-Sat 8am – 9pm, Closed Sunday


Mon-Sat 8am – 8pm, Closed Sunday

How can we sell our products at such low prices?

We would like to respond to this questions by sharing more information about our company, store, and the products we sell/offer to this community.

Our goal is to provide our customers with name brand products at 40-60% lower than any other store in a several hundred-mile radius of our locations.

We acquire our products by sourcing closeouts, discontinued, damaged, dated, and overstock inventories. We purchase only good quality products that we can offer you at an extreme discount.

We have a dedicated staff that meticulously inspects all of our products doing their best to sort out products that do not meet our standards to offer our customers.

As you can read on our website and on posters at our store, Harvard University did a study which was followed up by most major news organizations ie. Fox news, CNN. Good Morning America, The Today Show, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, that stated among other things that we as Americans are wasting approximately 40% of our food and about 25% of our water supply supporting that food.

Much of what we sell is as a result of the constant changing of products on the shelves of the 10s of thousands of Grocery stores, distributors, and manufactures throughout the United States.

We obtain products from all over the country from stores that have products they need to sell due to many of the following reasons:

  • Manufactures that have products that are new and have “NEW” on their labels (the label can only have “NEW” on it for a fixed period of time until it must be replaced with a label that doesn’t say “NEW”),
  • Many manufactures change the color or text of the graphics of their packaging to hopefully increase interest and sales of their products,
  • Some products don’t sell as well in certain regions of the country,
  • Grocery stores are constantly changing the categories of products in their stores (ie. increasing and decreasing the size of candy, cookies, baking areas) to maximize sales and attend to the ever changing consumer needs and interests,
  • Packaging changes are occurring all the time making various products available,
  • Store and/or chain stores, closing, movement of vast amounts of inventories from manufactures, distribution centers to distributors.
  • Product is near or past its code date.

Regarding code dating, our family was under the same misconception as most Americans about dated product throwing out any product in our pantry past it’s code date.

Due to the Harvard study and subsequent news coverage we realized that we were misinformed and that we were apart of the problem and not the solution of wasting viable food.

We understood that the dates on products are placed there by the manufactures and not governed or mandated by the FDA. The Study stated, “Because consumers cannot understand what factors led to the selection and setting of label dates, often they mistakenly assume that these dates are tied to food safety, whereas in reality their true function is to convey information about freshness… This misunderstanding also creates the opportunity for an unscrupulous manufacturer to maximize profits at the expense of consumers’ economic interests. The fact that consumers and stores throw away products unnecessarily can lead to increased profits for manufacturers if consumers are purchasing more products and doing so more often. According to at least one supply chain expert, some manufacturers may artificially shorten stated shelf lives for marketing reasons. More empirical research on this topic would be helpful. The current system provides few checks to prevent manufacturers from engaging in such a practice.”

That being said, we stand behind all of our products, so if you ever have an issue with something you bought at Traders, just bring it back within 30 days with your receipt and well refund your money or your can exchange it for something else.”

We encourage you to come to our store to save money buying name brand products. If you rather not by food products that are near or post their date code you should be able to find many other food products in our store that are not dated, as well as cleaning supplies, paper products, garden care, automotive care, Christmas wrapping and stocking stuffers, etc.

Come in and have fun saving money.

What methods of payment does Traders accept?

Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, Debit Cards and Horizon Cards.
Sorry – No Checks or Manufacturers’ Coupons.

What is Traders refund policy?

Our overall policy is simple – if you have any problem with a product you have purchased from us, please bring it and your store receipt to Traders within 30 days and we offer you a full refund or you may have a store credit towards another purchase. No questions asked.

Can I buy my groceries from Traders "online"?

Currently our inventory is changing so rapidly that we are unable to offer online purchasing at this time. We hope to be able to do so in the future.

How can I be more informed about Product Dating?

We encourage our customers to become informed about product dating. From our research a very valuable and informative study addressing the issues of product dating was a report published report by Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and the Natural Resources Defense Council. The report is titled “The Dating Game: How Confusing Food Date Labels Lead to Food Waste in America ” on September 2013. You may either read the full report and associated media coverage via the following links or read excerpts from the study below the links.